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Cate, thank you for your valuable words of comfort regarding the death of my son Joe. I chose you for a reading because of your experience as a medium and of your experience with individuals with disabilities. It was difficult to see my son deteriorate for 12 1/2 years; and now I know why he came to be with us. I feel blessed that he chose to be a part of our family. It was challenging, but rewarding at the same time. There was not a fee attached to your response. Do I owe you anything for your time? Thanks again for taking the time and effort to give me insight into Joe’s life and death. May you continue to be able to perform your important work for many years to come. With much gratitude, Jackie Tucker

I’ve known Cate both personally and professionally. She is a born healer and is in touch with the world of magic and other dimensions. I consider her one of the best I have met in my more than 30 years in the profession. Myriam Maytorena

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“I’ve known Cate for years and have gotten readings from her many times. She’s very accurate. And, she’s easy to talk to over the phone!” Sherrie Adkins, Mountain Hawk

I have been living in rural upstate New York for many years with my husband, an array of rescued cats, dog, a ferocious parrot and three horses. I have one daughter from my first marriage. Her father died when she was five and for many years it was me, her and my mom. It was a home of strong women raising who turned out to be a strong woman herself! I am so very proud of her.

I’ve been asked how long I have been in this particular profession; if I say just how long I will scare myself! I think one should never add up the years! You will get older faster. I will say I am an adept and will leave it at that.  I read multiple decks and specialize in Shamanic healing; especially for animals.

For me, my personal life perhaps more positively influenced my psychic abilities. I can honestly say that I have experienced many sorrows, illnesses, near death experiences, and poverty in my life. I believe whole-heartedly that all of those experiences have given me more intense empathy and understanding; which in turn drives me to want to help others the best I can.

Cate as a Guide & Mentor

”I bring my personal experiences to all my readings and counseling!”
Spiritualist, Medium, Wiccan Witch for over 35 years, I can help with: Relationship and grief counseling, animal communication, harnessing personal SPIRIT POWER, spiritual coaching on manifesting better realities using my principles of QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY, The Science of change, communication with beloved dead, coaching on the “specialness” of the disabled of all types, mentoring spiritual gift development.


Cate Cavanaugh is a widely-published political and spiritual columnist, author of “Gifts of the Spirit” and “Her Godmother,” and is also an International Poet of Merit honoree for 2001 with poetry published in numerous anthologies. She was a selected poet for “The Best Poets of the Millennium” and “The Best Poets of 2000.” She was an advocate, trainer and case manager in the field of developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and psychiatric disabilities as well as a community activist for the elderly. Cate has also been a contributing columnist for the Sullivan County Democrat, Towne Crier, and Times Herald Record (New York). She’s a syndicated columnist in the metaphysical, health, special education, entitlement and political genres. She was political commentator for WJFF (NY) and NPR affiliate and political podcaster for Internet Radio Voices. She is Founder and President of Independent Advocates in New York and offers personal writing services and tutoring as “The Write Doctor.” As founder also of Quantum Spirituality, The Science of Change, she has written and spoken on the following subjects: Making obstacles work for you, Are you stuck?, How to get into Spiritual Gear, Karmic cleansing and Moving Forward, Surviving the Death of Loved Ones – Is there really life after life?, What Your Spiritual Mission Is, and How Discovering it Can Change Your Life, Guided Meditations for Personal Growth, and Pet Loss Counseling.

Cate is an adept at card readings, a conscious medium, spiritualist and Wiccan who has offered private, individualized services and readings, individual spiritual coaching, and life reinvention counseling. She has a specialty in animal grief and counseling on life after life for animals … and she is bilingual in Spanish.


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