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Absolutely amazing person. She is so gentle and kind in her voice. Gives accurate details, quick and very friendly. I truly recommend her to everyone. She is a helpful reader. Thank you

Carmen, you hit his personality head on. I did feel sad after my reading but it is what it is. I do know that I don’t want to be undefined in his life. Your reading has given me validity in that I should continue keep my distance.

Omg I love this woman! I have called her a few times over the last year and she has been 110% right every time! Even when it isn’t something I want to hear she is always spot on! I highly recommend her if you want someone honest and caring. WARNING: she will tell you the truth good or bad so just be prepared! And to those who read this, I’m an advisor too so I’m VERY particular on who reads me! Carmen deserves one million stars! Thanks for everything! Xoxoxoxo

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Intuitive Tarot Reader, Empathy & Telepathy,
Dream Interpretations, Relationships & Short-Term Outcomes

“Absolutely amazing person. She is so gentle and kind in her voice, gives accurate details, quick and very friendly. I truly recommend her to everyone. She is a helpful reader.

Was it via accident or fate – but more than likely serendipity – Carmen fell into her profession, and has gathered a loyal clientele over a decade. She has her own very unique style of being an Empath, and works within this focused method that she developed herself through of the experience that people deal best with the present, which is within their grasp to change! She has also helped train many other psychics to become empaths, and has helped with promoting her psychic community, and worked with well known and notable elite clientele – giving her the confidence to be one of the best psychics on the net.

With an extremely quick and personal method of reading her cards at lightning speed, she will work very fast for you – and without cards needs only a name to gain hours of insight on your love interest, friend of business partner. She approaches her work in a mostly non-mystical manner, working with her tools as such, and applying it to psychological theory and strategy, which can help you turn any situation around. She also is a deep mystic, with the usual experiences of prophetic dreams, shamanic experiences and a deep knowledge of symbolism and an appreciation for the arts, music and the sciences. She has lived in over ten different cities worldwide, speaks 4 languages, and has been shaped by all the various cultures she has encountered, from France, to Germany, to South Africa and now – Canada.

She has written volumes on this subject and founded a way of thinking in our industry. Compassionate, sincere, and sometimes blunt, out of the experience of needing to help people let go or embrace their challenges, you can count on her to give you a sincere psychological assessment or closure if that is what you need. Met a new man on the internet? With just a name, you can pre-empt his rationale and intentions, and work around their insecurities or fears.

Her talents lie in specific questions as she gets too much information about the present to be able to focus on general type questions – but if you have a pen and paper, she would be more than happy to indulge you, as you have to write her readings down – they do come true many years later. She gets words from each card, sometimes they are through her knowledge of the cards, but oftentimes, simply channeled. She prefers to work with relationship questions, and understands all your darkest and most hidden places and fears. This is part of her joy – seeing the vulnerabilities we all share, and making you feel at peace within these parts in yourselves. Do you need to find out how men think? Her best friends have often been male, and she is highly attuned to their way of thinking – and this approach is more forgiving, as to her both genders share similar insecurities but different intensities of emotion.

Carmen is an artist and a writer and ended up in this career by being encouraged by her clients. She set out to help people understand that Empathy was not compassion, nor was it a technique to manipulate people, as each person is astoundingly unique and each situation needing their own approach. It was about understanding the self through understanding people.

Carmen as Guide and Advisor

Carmen has helped many other psychics to become empaths, and has helped with promoting her psychic community.
Carmen is a trusted Telepath with first hand knowledge of the difficulties we face as telepathic beings. She has been writing about the subject for many years, has a personal love for the study of emotional transference, abandonment, obsession and the problems that arise between two or more mutually attached individuals. She can teach you the art of recognizing the difference between your emotions and thoughts, and your partners’. She appreciates and understands extreme crushes and is more than happy to guide you to a more sensible point in your relationships.


Carmen has worked for herself, and under the umbrella of many well known sites since 2001. She did not originally think she was psychic (she had romantic notions that she may have been), but acquired a solid work reputation for being so. Down to earth, she will try and make you laugh, understand and express yourself, and doesn’t mind being ‘the guy’ for you – so if you need to let some steam off, call her – she can take it! Get pen and paper ready! Carmen gets so much information that you must write it down. She gets a complex volume of details that will apply to the present, near future outcomes (within 3 days) and a less detailed version of the future. A skilled Empath, all she needs is a name – but she also likes to embellish her readings with her cards, with an exceptional talent for working quickly. Personable, humorous and dedicated, she is great at reassuring you, grounding you, and allowing you to make your own decisions to help empower you.


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