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Danielle, Owner

In addition to being the author, administrator and webmaster of Global Psychics and Love Psychics sites, and managing all aspects of marketing and customer service, Danielle is the psychic most in demand for readings. Known for being straightforward, even blunt in her readings, Danielle brings a great deal of old wisdom and practical magic to her work. Although she has been reading for people for more than 40 years, she is also skilled as a pet psychic. And she is an able medium. Because of the breadth of her experience and knowledge, Danielle backs up all of our teams, filling in where needed, whether with love readings, dream interpretations or pet or past life readings. See full bio.

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Global Psychics Anatara - Expert Psychic Reader - Get Angel Readings


The Angels are ever ready to share their perspective, love and insight with you. Together we will enter into dialogue with them. See full bio.



Joyce is a Psychic, Psychic Medium, Master Intuitive, empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, a medium, energy worker and a healer. Come talk to one of the leading trusted sources of clear guidance and inspiration, Joyce Jackson, Your Guide on THIS Side.. See full bio.



Akashic Records Readings and the associated Clearings provide a lot of lightness and insights for people. It’s as though some of the wisdom for moving forward comes through clearing and creating space. . See full bio.

We all have free will and E’lan is exceptionally talented at being able to use astrology to help you see and know about all the choices and the best ones for you, to guide you through fear or confusion, into right action for your life, so to anchor your soul !
E’lan is a very experienced, intuitive, and FUN astrologer who consistently has a ton of insights into my situation. Her reading gave me a lot of peace and clarity about the cycles in my life, and I’d highly recommend her to everybody. See full bio.

Global Psychics Teresa - Accurate Tarot Readings - Name Poetry


Be empowered! Whether in poetic form or as a reading, my unique gift shows you things within your name you never imagined. See full bio.


Carmen approaches her work in a mostly non-mystical manner, working with her tools as such, and applying it to psychological theory and strategy, which can help you turn any situation around. .

“Omg I love this woman! I have called her a few times over the last year and she has been 110% right every time! ”  See full bio.