Global Psychics’ Mission: a Loving, Magical World


In its simplest form, we see our mission as “delivering psychic insights and answers that enable us to tap into the abundance of the Universe, whether for love or money.”  In a nutshell our goal is to help us all see what it is we are creating now, so we can adjust our course, lovingly. We intend to uplift and empower, thus we have defined a dual mission for the business:

To lead us back to our loving Selves – and our personal power – to help us clarify purpose and goals and then do the inner work necessary for joy, love, prosperity and wisdom to enter our lives, both business and personal

To advocate for a loving, magical world by presenting uplifting, holistic insights and guidance through professional psychics, spiritual advisors, mediums, animal communicators and medical intuitives

Code of Ethics and Operating Principles 


A Word About Our Profession
Interest in the “reading arts” has risen dramatically in the last decade. More and more people are sharing their beliefs in all extraordinary and supposedly  supernatural, paranormal phenomena, including angels, spirit guides, psychics, astrology, dreamwork, alternative forms of healing, spiritual consciousness, and even UFO’s. Our profession is growing. Now we are also attracting some exceptional minds to the study of various metaphysical subjects and divining techniques. It’s an evolution and it’s about time!

This is a very interesting profession! Psychics, astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, palmists and many more are working in a field that is completely unregulated and prone to a wide variety of “scams.” Our work is generally not accepted as valid by the world of the “establishment” and society in general. This presents us with a fascinating challenge…

Since there are no boards or associations regulating this work, it is up to the individual practitioner to develop and maintain their own code of ethics and responsibilities. Therefore, as a company, we felt it was our responsibility to establish and make visible our Code of Ethics.

Our Ethics

  • We honour every individual’s freewill and our personal right to choose our own path.
  • We seek to uplift and empower those who cross our paths.
  • We avoid judgment.
  • We act as the conduit for the communication between the client’s own “higher self” and ordinary self.
  • We say what we sense, to the best of our ability.
  • We are keepers of secrets. We honour our clients’ rights to privacy and will release no information about our clients’ transactions with us.