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Global Psychics first appeared on the web in Feb/97 with The business and web sites are owned and operated by a well known practitioner of the divining arts, Danielle Daoust, and supported by an international group of psychics and entrepreneurs.

Global Psychics brings professional, loving readers to the Web – trained psychics, mediums, medical intuitives and animal communicators, all sensitive, wise and knowing. The company’s primary service is providing meaningful psychic readings and advice. Our goal is to make it easier for our clients to achieve their goals, whether they are personal or financial. We are committed to providing grounded, practical, yet insightful answers – promptly.

We promise our clients:

  • complete confidentiality
  • a secure website, safe order procesing
  • accurate insights, answers that are worth the investment
  • experienced psychics who have been tested and screened
  • prompt, caring responses


Our ability lies in having learned to read the subtle symbols and promptings of the natural and spiritual world.

Our skill lies in communicating clearly and honestly with each client. Our art lies in synthesizing many fragments of information from many sources, often hidden.

Our responsibility lies in delivering a complete and uplifting reading, empowering each client to move forward joyfully on their path.

We are dedicated to serving you with the answers and information that help you to increase the chances for success at whatever you do.

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