In the Eye of the Storm

The first and only time  I have been in a hurricane was in 1985 when Hurricane Gloria ripped a path through New England. We had barely started work that morning when our branch manager came around to send us all home. By the time we got onto the street, traffic was already jammed up. Fortunately, I didn’t have far to go so I made it home in plenty of time to be ready for the storm.  We taped the windows, took anything loose off the deck, got out for extra food, water and candles and then settled back to watch the news.  But by then we were a little confused, thinking maybe this was another of those times when the media was making a much bigger event of the storm than it was. It was pretty windy at times, but Pat went out to play with his buddies in the midst of it.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.. we cooked dinner, watched a little TV and went to bed thinking Gloria was something of a non-event.

Until the next morning when we left our little corner of the world to run our Saturday errands…  Just around the corner from us, Mass Ave was blocked by a centuries old oak, now uprooted. Everywhere we turned was destruction, downed trees, roofs in splinters, cars crushed… Power was out for days- except in a few odd neighbourhoods, like ours… we escaped the damage because we had been under the eye of the storm where it was calm.  I was grateful and grateful also for the message in this event, an amazing analagy for what transpired in the next few years. But that’s another story for another time…

Our experience with hurricane Gloria is also a terrific analogy for my life this summer – so many distracting breakdowns occurring all around us. But this time the storms hit a little too close to home… as the markets were crashing, so was my little Gracie, fortunately, like the markets, she rebounded, after a few weeks of ups and downs…. but then we got the sad news that our old friend and colleage  Christopher Ree had lost his battle with cancer.  Days later, as Hurricane Irene was ripping up the east coast, I was rushing off to the hospital to tend to my ailing father and frantic mother.  Then, no sooner were they settled back home, when my old fridge reached the end of the road.  I thought I found a great replacement, a used fridge that  was exactly the right size and price, but after 24 hours I discovered that the freezer wasn’t working and the store didn’t have a suitable replacement… still haven’t figured out a good solution here, but I am trusting that the Universe will help me manifest what I need, as it always has…

So, now you understand why you haven’t heard much from me all summer…the surreal energy of the summer often made it very difficult to work.

On the up side, I have learned a lot through these challenges and distractions – for that I am very grateful…  and with Mercury back in direct motion, I managed to move past the distractions to refocus on work once again. These articles will help to explain more of what’s had me feeling like I was in the eye of the storm, wary, anxious, but calm, quiet… waiting for the storms to pass.

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