by Lisa Caza

A client recently wrote in with this very interesting question, and I felt the very strong urge to post this to all, as I believe that this would most definitely assist others who are trying to in fact learn and/or grow with their psychic abilities.

“Hello, I am in search of learning more about me. I am empathic, and telepathic, I am currently working on meditation with chakras, mainly crystal bowls through group therapy. I feel blocked at this time, although I am told I am exactly where I should be right now, but I feel compelled to want to know more, and move forward, and am rushing things a bit. I know there is something I must learn first, but just don’t know what. Thank you and I look forward to talking to your response.”

Hi there Robin. Thank you very much for posting this question.

I wish for you to reflect over your own message above hon. You say that you feel blocked at this time, but feel compelled to want to know more … and that you are rushing things a bit. Furthermore you feel that there is something you must learn first …

That right there is your block – and lesson Robin. Much like everything else in our lives, our abilities too come as they should – in their own due course and time. While so many of us are in fact eager to learn, spread our wings and fly, we must also practice patience with ourselves and our processes. We must try to allow everything to blossom and flourish on its own – and definitely not rush.

Many years ago a dear friend and colleague once told me that Divine doesn’t allow us to know everything all at once simply because it would overload us to the extreme. We just can’t know everything – we are always and quite constantly learning and growing (even though a lot of the times we feel like we aren’t). We tend to grow, especially when it comes to our abilities, in little spurts here and there. Things are “handed to us” when we are truly ready for them. Divine doesn’t give us anything that we cannot comfortably or feasibly handle – and this is definitely true when it comes to growing our abilities; because Divine wants us to truly succeed in our growth with them.

Consider for example how we all attended school when we were younger: passing one grade after another after another, with each prior grade preparing us for the next one. Our teachers taught us at a level that was appropriate for that particular grade level that we were at. Imagine being in grade 2 just starting to learn our multiplication and division tables, when all of a sudden our teacher throws at us grade 9 algebra! Talk about not knowing what to do, how to handle it or even what to think! We would be greatly stressed and overloaded – especially considering how many steps it does actually take us, as children, to get to the point of actually being able to understand and work with algebra formulations successfully. Even though as children we may be excited at the thought of learning “high school work,” that we would feel just like a “big kid,” in essence we would only be fooling ourselves – and to be honest I think that for me personally, after having a stab at the algebra I would be praying and wishing to go back to good ol grade 2 work LOL!

The same scenario that I outlined above is the exact same “process” that we must go through when it comes to learning and working with our psychic abilities – no matter what “subject” we could be “majoring in.” We must work at it one step at a time, at a steady but comfortable pace. Indeed we may become eager to “get older” and start working with “big kid topics,” but because we are only “little kids” we have to work our way up the ladder – “pass each grade” as we come to it.

Realize that our time here on the earthly plane is all about learning and growing … we are CONSTANTLY doing this, as I say even without us really realizing it a lot of the time. If we stopped learning and growing, we essentially wouldn’t need to be here. I have been a professional psychic reader for 18 years now, but I am still growing and learning today – reaching higher and higher points in my growth, in turn taking on stronger abilities and even further uncanny accuracy. You can never stop learning and growing, Robin – that I personally have learned time and time again with myself and my own abilities. What I find as really fun is that just when you think that you’ve reached the maximum “grade level,” all of a sudden BANG! You experience yet another surge or jump in your knowledge and abilities! Thinking about that statement, right now I came to the realization that perhaps THAT RIGHT THERE is an indication as to when we are TRULY ready to move forward once again – ready to “graduate” to the next “grade” or level!

Take your time with this Robin and enjoy the learning moments that you experience. You will get stronger and stronger as you go along. but you must first release this block of being impatient with yourself and your personal process – and gradually work your way up – as it is Divinely intended. That is your lesson Robin. Once you realize this, I think that you will quickly find yourself “unblocked” and moving right along quite nicely.

Hope this helps you some Robin, Much love and blessings, Lisa Caza

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