Being psychic is as much about a lifestyle as it is about having a set of metaphysical skills, knowledge and experience. Psychics typically have a different perspective on life and the individuals and events that we encounter along the way… We tend to look more deeply into things, moving past the superficial to find meaning and purpose – and clues to what's up and what could be coming.

We are chronically monitoring the energy around us. Although we may not always be so attentive to checking our own energy, we notice how we feel when we encounter something or someone new or when there is an imbalance in a situation… I recall walking into the office one day when I was still in my corporate life, and immediately recognizing that there was something big going down. When I asked my boss about why I felt like you could cut the air with a knife, I learned that there was indeed a big problem, the company president was on his way in to meet with a client who was threatening to sue us over some faulty software. Everyone was on edge… It was no wonder I sensed the air as being very thick, dense, fear-laden.

Most psychics are closely connected with the natural world,,, we connect with the trees and plants in our gardens as easily we do our pets and the people in our lives. In my world, all are sentient, even the rocks and the air, earth and water… So, before I cut herbs or flowers, I thank the plant for gracing my table or my home. One day I was called out to the back yard by an old apple tree to notice how its energy was being drained by a number of suckers growing from its base… when I objected that I might hurt him, he insisted, (it was obvious that this tree was male). While I was cutting some of them off, he told me all about the history of that garden and the trees in it. What fascinated me was that the next time my son went out to the garden, he came running back in, "mom, that old apple tree is sick." Somehow that old tree got to him too…. so Pat cut the rest of the suckers off and the tree was happy!

Some folks are a little spooked when they meet a spook… many psychics will refer to themselves as spooks because life with a psychic can be a little spooky… we can see or feel the ghosts that may haunt us, we can interact with the spirits that come around with messages. Lights, the TV or radio will turn on by themselves, in response to whatever may be going on in the psychic's home. It can be a little unnerving to be sitting beside a glass door that suddenly implodes when there is no one to blame for the scare.

Life as a psychic is bound to be interesting because we live in multiple dimensions and make connections with many different realms… sometimes there are bleed-throughs between realms or we encounter dimensional shifts and overlaps….being psychic is expressed in many different ways, some connect with the fairies and gnomes in their gardens, some focus on connections with the animal kingdom… some seek out the angels…. but no matter the focus, psychics look at life from a different perspective, they see what others miss.

My life is immeasurably enriched as a result of my work. I am deeply grateful for my life as a psychic. So, I encourage everyone to develop the psychic ability that is our birthright, to open up to new horizons to see the world from an exciting new perspective.

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