Long before I began working as a psychic, I had learned to trust my instincts around my son. Probably because my parents trust their’s… to this day, Mom pays attention when Dad tells her that something is up with one of his children or his grandchildren. Dad usually has a pretty good idea of what he’s feeling – and is most often right on the money.  Parents have a way of just knowing what their children are up to… and when they don’t, it’s because they haven’t been paying attention – or, even worse, don’t want to.

Years ago, when housing was in incredibly short supply in Edmonton, I shared a home with another  young family, Renee, Al, and their 10 month-old son, JR, lovely, warm, caring people… Pat and I laughed a lot in the years we lived together… but there was one problem, that wasn’t so funny. In fact, as a mother and also a psychic, I was appalled by it… JR could scream for hours, beginning at 4 in the morning. Night after night,  I’d have to haul myself out of bed to awaken Renee so she would tend to her son.

I never understood how a mother could sleep through her child’s crying – especially since she slept in the bedroom next to him… the whole house heard him, how was it that she couldn’t? Finally one day I challenged her with that very question, and also asked her what is wrong? I pointed out that Mothers typically awaken at the first stirrings of their children, and that her mother’s instincts weren’t firing for a reason – she needed to think about it. What was interesting to me was that once I pointed out that she needed to start paying attention, to start responding from a place of instinct, we stopped being awakened by JR’s cries – finally Renee began to hear him and go to him in the night… over the next few years, it became obvious what the problem was… Renee was not happy in her marriage, did not want to be a Mom yet… Although she slept deeply and truly didn’t hear JR until I woke her up, she had quite deliberately been closing her mind to her responsibilities – and her instincts – as a Mom.

When clients come to me saying they “feel” something about their children, whether it is a bad or a good feeling, I urge them to pay attention, to trust what they feel and know inside themselves, and to act, if cautiously, on what they sense.

A parent’s instincts are rarely wrong. We Just know when our kids need help… By responding to our instincts we can prevent trouble from escalating… and help our kids reach their full potential. Here are stories of some parents who instinctively knew that their children are special, and may need some special help:

A Very Special Little Boy! Jordon is 6 yrs old, he doesnt talk much but he has the biggest blue eyes imaginable and when he looks at you it feels as though he is looking right into your soul. His mom is my best friend and we see each other daily. We both realized that Jordon has special gifts very early on. He sees dead people and is not afraid. A couple years ago when driving past an old cemetery he asked why the man standing at the gate was bleeding. We turned the car around and drove past again but no one was there although Jordon insisted he was still there. This is just one of many encounters he has shared with us. He is highly intelligent although his school teacher claims he is behind when it comes to social skills. I know better. Jordon is very sensitive and has a special way with animals and people. Truly amazing and very exciting is when recently Jordon told us that he thinks he needs to see an eye doctor. When asked why he said that when he looks at people he sometimes sees colors surrounding them . He describes purple, red, yellow, white ect… He says the purple is his favorite. My friend and I are in awe about this new development. After reading about psychic kids I am certain that Jordon is a crystal child and I feel very privileged to know him and be a part of his life. My girlfriend and I would appreciate any advice or counsel when it comes to nurturinghis special gifts as we know that this is just the begginning of many years ahead of understanding the abilities and experiences a psychic child will encounter. Thank you, Vivian

How exciting to watch this special crystal child discover and develop these skills. The thing with these children is that they don’t need help with their gifts as much as they need support and understanding from the key adults in their lives. In order for the adults to give the support the kids need, the adults need to do the reading on the children so they can have more awareness. Acting as if the child’s gifts are normal and not asking the child to ‘perform’ when others are around is important. Not that you and the mother are doing that, but putting the spotlight on the child often makes them feel uncomfortable and will cause them to ‘lose’ the gifts. Doreen Virtue is a great source of reading material on these children. She wrote a book called, “The Crystal Children”. Lee Carroll is also another good source for reading material.  When the child sees spirits, ask questions about what the child sees and explain to the child that the spirit is lost and hasn’t found its way home yet.  These children are born to parents by agreement. This child, knows he will get the support and love he needs to fulfill his life plan. More and more children are coming in this way to prepare our world for the changes to come within consciousness and the earth itself.  What a privilege and an adventure!  Cherie

My daughter has told us she can see things, hear things, talk to spirits, sense energy or auras, and other things. How do we as parents help her?  How can we have it confirmed?  How do we go about helping her use her ability?  Is there something for parents to  help them help their child?  Wwe want to be able to support our daughter fully.  Thanks Karey

There really is no way to confirm what she is seeing but do trust her and what she says she sees. Help her by encouraging her to talk about it, ask who she sees? What they look like? Names etc? The more she uses her abilities the more it encourages her to develop. If she likes to draw, have her draw auras that she sees and the faces of the people she sees. If they look at all familiar to you, go through old photo albums and ask her if they are in there. I hope that answers your questions…Blessings Always….Jody

More and more parents are recognizing their children have special gifts. More and more children are coming into a world with these gifts and memories. Alot of these children start to lose the abilities as the physical world takes hold. There is no need to confirm it. Treating her and the abilities as if they are everyday, normal things will help her not to feel isolated or ‘weird’. Asking her to share what she sees and feels and responding to her as if it is very natural will help her to express them.  She wouldn’t have come to you as your daughter if she had not known beforehand you would support and nurture her “specialness”  many blessings,  Cherie

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