Hi, my name is Sophie, I am 19 years old and I live in Boston, MA. I was born on November 2, 1987. I am an indigo looking to communicate with other indigos as well as share some of my experiences. Ever since I can remember I have felt different from others, misunderstood and very sensitive. When I discovered I was an indigo and that there were others out there like me, I was so overwhelmed with joy that I cried, because up until then I thought I was the only one. I am so grateful that there are people out there who really understand  indigo’s, and even schools that exist specifically for us. If I had known that before, I might not have been sent to a school for dyslexic and A.D.D children. I was diagnosed with A.DD and was put on adderall in 4th grade. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the second grade. My father always told me it was hereditary and I got A.D.D from him, but he just says that because he wants me to believe I have A.D.D instead of arguing with him about how I don’t. My relationship with my father has been a difficult one.
Throughout my Elementary and High School years I was drugged up on adderall and when I reached 8th grade I was put on antidepressants.  It wasn’t until my Junior year in High School when I refused to take my medicine because I said it was “stifling my true self”. At times I would go onto a trance, usually when I was in class as a form of self protection. Reading articles on Indigo’s has really helped me understand myself and recognize that I am not dysfunctional but a wonderful person who does have a lot to offer despite what others have told me.
  That wise, sensitive and loving little girl has been trapped inside me for so long and  it’s time to let her  back into the world. Your understanding has helped me feel comfortable enough to bring that hidden part of me into the light and start to heal these wounds. I don’t want to deny  my real knowing any longer, but out of self protection, I’ve tucked it away so deep in order to get along with the world.
School was really hard growing up, I felt it was like a prison. I didn’t get good grades in school and I felt stupid.  I remember coming home and being so overwhelmed with rage that I would scream and cry, swear at my parents, break things and run away from home. I would anguish in my mind, scream in my heart and squirm in my body, unable to calmly go along with an inferior reality. The anger and sadness I felt still hurts to this day and I still hate school. After a while, I started smoking cigarettes, drinking, letting guys take advantage of me and worse of all I cut my wrists. I was traumatized about having been told there was something “wrong with me”. I wanted to be recognized, acknowledged, honored and appreciated for my unique gifts, but others saw them as flaws. I was left feeling stupid, and I still feel stupid to this day.
Whenever I made myself noticed I was seen as odd. Others were always too busy to stop and listen to what I had to say. Because others didn’t appreciate the insight  I communicated, I don’t even try to get others to see it now. I would reveal the inner motivations of others as well as their fears and I believe this scared them because they were in denial about the truth. I developed trust issues and learned to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. Unfortunately now, I have a hard time expressing myself because of that. I still feel an emptiness inside and a strong longing for that feeling of home. My perceptions and values have never been shared with the rest of society. I am afraid of not being able to live up to the heavy expectations of society. I am struggling with my purpose in the world, my ability to carry out my mission.
As for relationships, I was a loner. I was rejected by many people my own age which made me lack confidence. I still have a fear of being persecuted for who I am. People’s reactions to me were extreme, they either loved me or they hated me. It is difficult for me to form relationships with people with whom I have not been with in previous lives. I usually seek companionship through astrology because there I am likely to find a spiritual bond. I have always needed large amounts of hugs and cuddling, as a child I got that from my parents and now I get it from my boyfriend. My primary motivation is the pursuit of a specific life task, or simply spiritual refinement. Learning itself isn’t very important to me unless it furthers a life task. However, I have always felt the need to understand the truth and the reason for things.  I have always been ethical in behavior, feeling and thought and I inherently knew the difference between right and wrong, even as a child. It was as if I was grown up when I was a  kid. Even as a child profound issues were my concern, I have never been superficial.
As a  child I had a balance of male and female characteristics and others saw me as strange, especially the girls. I believe that my gender identity was weak because of my subconscious contact with the whole psyche, including masculine and feminine characteristics.
I had a lot of empathy towards others. When I saw the news, I would cry over the injustices of the world, I would feel the pain and suffering of others as if it were my own. Most of the pain that I feel today is located in my heart because the areas in me which need the most healing have to do with love. If there is anything which characterized me as a child, it was that I was overflowing with unconditional love for everybody and every thing. Because of that, I had more sensitivity and less capacity for denial than other people. The gift of having access to love comes with it increased emotional sensitivity. I believe that an indigo’s heart is easily wounded because of the intensity of their love and the sensitivity that comes with that.
Overall, I want to tell all the other indigo’s out there not to give up. If you are going through a hard time, know that something marvelous is happening inside, something life changing! Your  problem  is an opportunity for tremendous growth that could not happen otherwise. If you have ever prayed for growth, happiness or freedom, than you have invited this experience into your life. The problem wont dissolve until you go into the pain and learn what it is trying to teach you. Inner strength is achieved from the discipline and intention to overcome challenges. As long as you are willing to work through this, no negative karma will attach itself to you. This problem is part of a great plan that we created in order to make us the strongest, most loving and wise beings possible, you problem is a blessing in disguise
When we overcome challenges on earth, our soul grows in awareness, and that is why we incarnate on earth. When we experience fear based patterns such as anger, sadness, or hatred, our awareness of  what love is increases because we have experienced what love is not. When we enhance our soul’s awareness, the quality of our existence is also enhanced. If we grew from experiencing pleasure, happiness and completeness, we would never need to incarnate, we would just stay in the peaceful environment of the Spirit World. There is a difference between what is pleasant and what is beneficial. Just because something is unpleasant, or makes us uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it’s not good for us. Often it is what makes us most uncomfortable which serves us the most. Discomfort usually means we are in the midst of great growth. And the opposite is true as well, we are feeling really comfortable for long periods of time it may mean that you are not growing much at all. We grow the most through adversity and not as much through good times. So stay strong and dont give up.

  1. You are a wonderful person…i enjoyed your message.

  2. Iknow how you feal alittle. I’m and indigo but no one knows. I have no friends.I’ve never met another indigo or any other psychics.

  3. Thank you for this writeup, we hear your soul talk.
    You are so very beautiful and radiant.
    Today ,( i am much older tho’)I too realise that i am in Indigo and why life has been sooo much harder…yes, i totally understand that bit about unconditional love for all and its connection to emotions and how very sensitive one can be. God bless.

  4. Wow you are definately a born leader! Big things ahead for you, just wait (perhaps your already experiencing them)Good on you for getting your story out there, it will help a lot of people :)

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