I found myself unexpectedly connected with my friend, Ahkbar the Alien in the past week… connections with Akbar are always unexpected.  This time, it was triggered by someone’s question about whether I believed in aliens and UFOs. When I told him that I certainly believed that they are very real, but that this was subject I chose not to give a lot of attention for now, I suddenly found myself standing beside Ahkbar.

He is at the helm of his ship, intent… Through a port I see what he sees, a dense fog of swirling energy all around him. He tells me that he is steering through some intense storms in the astral plane.  He warns of intense solar storms to impact planet Earth in the next months.

His ship seems stable, he is calm, it is as if he is in the center of the storm at this point,  just about to re-enter the turmoil to move through to the other side.

The ship feels “tight”, as if everything that can be has been secured, all in it are on the alert, confident, prepared, very focused on the task at hand… what I notice is that there is no “noise”, as if all is vibrating on the same steady determined, yet soft, gentle, and loving  vibration… a sense of  quietness, a oneness envelopes his ship…. Ahkbar tells me that this is what enables the ship to move through the storm with the least interference… it is as if all are One with the ship and the ship is itself a sentient being…. maintaining a steady pace, naturally avoiding the turbulent pockets by sensing its way through the energy… it is as if all on the ship add their energy, as well as their intuition, skill and knowledge, so in tune with the other that the ship functions as a Whole… Ahkbar’s role at the helm seems to be to channel the energy, to “Feel” the helm and respond as the intuition of the Whole directs.

I find it interesting that this connection comes half way through perhaps what has been the most turbulent year that I can ever remember, at least in terms of the weather and issues with the environment. I get the sense that he is warning me that we should expect more of the same through the second half of the year.

But I think what is more important than Ahkbar’s warning that we are really only half way through the storm, is his message of how we get throught these times with the least interference…. by staying focused on the task at hand, and also on maintaining a loving, gentle, confident, fearless attidude… His message tells us that to weather the storms, we need to be quiet, eliminate the “noise” – the fears, doubts, angers and frustrations that clutter our minds and prevent us from seeing – and feeling – clearly.

Note: As expected, when I googled solar storms, I discovered that there was some intense activity in the sun, unusual solar flares around the time that Ahkbar appeared in my consciousness.

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