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A little boy ghost comes to play

I have been seeing a little boy playing in our house. Me and my husband have been living there for a little over one year and no children yet. I visualized him and felt his presence. I don’t know why he is attached to us and what message he is trying to get to me. He also left  behind an object to confirm he was there.  please let me know what you think. thank you.  Nicole

My take on ghosts is that they are Soul energies of the departed that haven’t come to terms with the passing of their physical bodies. Some folks who die late in life might feel as if their karma was left unfinished and messy, or they had to atone for a “sin” or two. Younger people who haven’t made the transition are a lot less likely to have a conscious sense of unresolved karma, and so I’m sensing something else is going on with your little boy. My impressions will require a little background.

My own spiritual path has led me to go back in time to find Universal truths that were held by our ancestors, because I have always felt that modern humanity has lost its way. We are increasingly showing disrespect for our world and overpopulating this planet beyond sustainable levels, and global warming will eventually kill our descendants if we don’t do something very significant soon.

Every ancient indigenous culture all over the world had a very deep spiritual relationship to nature – the land, the animals, birds, plants, lakes, oceans, and rivers. The Native Americans of the Philadelphia area revered all of these as well, especially the Delaware River, and Darby, Ridley, and Crum, that (I hope) you know so well.

Every tribe had its shaman, the “Witch Doctor/Medicine Man (or Woman)” who was a unique combination of healer, psychic, astrologer(?!?), counselor, herbalist, and spiritual minister. When our chiefly European ancestors came here, they displaced the Natives into reservations, which could be seen as models for Hitler’s concentration camps. Even worse, many Indians were raped, tortured, starved or killed by the devil paleface.

I am convinced that many Native American shamans put curses on the White Man, as they took over and destroyed their ancestral lands. Many curses were aimed at the seventh generation of the early settlers, and they would be you and me, as my great-greats were early settlers/invaders, first in Plymouth, and later Ohio and Nebraska. Some of the African slaves who were forced over to this continent were shamans in their traditions as well, and I have felt this strong “curse” energetic in North Carolina where I currently live. I’m sure that some of the local Native American shamans cursed us as well, giving the South a double-whammy of negativity. If you don’t believe in curses, you haven’t met my redneck neighbors, or my kitty cat friends who were born here for that matter.

There were then, and still are, some shamans who have transcended the wrongs committed by our ancestors, and they can perform “psychopomp” work to help remove your little boy from your home. This method works by contacting his spirit, and getting them to move on to where they belong. One of my spirit teachers is Red Cloud, a historically real Sioux Chief, who initially fought the first settlers, but later converted to the Christ Consciousness. Whether or not he converted to Christianity is unclear and irrelevant, but the message of “Love thine enemies,” became his guiding light, and he has told me about the curses in shamanic journeys.

You could do the psychopomp work yourself by working with the shamanic drum if you feel the calling. Let me know if you want to try it yourself, as I’ve had a lot of experience with it. There’s probably shamanic drumming circles in your area, and a New Age bookstore in your area might help in finding one. There are also probably a lot of Native American pow-wows in your area, and they could be a wonderful resource, as well as beautiful spiritual ceremonies.

The shamanic drum and Native American spirituality are complementary to whatever religious or spiritual beliefs you may already have, regardless of what the whacko’s on the Religious Right might want you to believe. I am not genetically a Native American, but I’ve had some past-lives as one or two. I won’t go so far to say that I think we should give this continent back to the Native peoples, but I do believe we should honor the considerations they had whenever their tribes would undertake a major decision – they would think about how their actions would effect the seventh generation of their descendants – some 200 years into the future. It’s amazing when you think about it, leaders making plans beyond their supper time, or the next fiscal quarter…

As for your little boy, I’m sensing his parents of long ago committed some heinous act against a person or tribe in your neighborhood, a shaman placed a curse on his family (maybe as long ago as the late 1600’s), and this poor child’s Soul has been stuck in the between world ever since. I’m sure he means you no harm, and he would love to reincarnate into a new life as your child, but he can’t until he fully makes the transition to where he needs to be. He’s got to follow “proper procedures” and his presence in your life indicates that he hasn’t filled out all the necessary karmic paperwork just yet.

Check out the object he left behind carefully and see if you can figure out when it was made. This will provide a clue as to how long he’s been out there. Psychopomp work done by a shamanic drumming circle I was a part of in an old New Hampshire farmhouse produced a 250-plus year old domino tile, probably the most important game-piece that our child-ghost had in his young life. The dating of the domino tile led us to believe he may have been a victim of the Deerfield Massacre, or the subsequent capture and forced march Northward by the French and Indian alliance.

I really sense you have nothing to worry about, and I’m certain that all he wants to say to you is “Help me move to where I should be.” Peace, Phil the astrologer

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