By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter

I have been to many old haunted hotels in my lifetime, but I must say that the Historic National Hotel in Jamestown takes the proverbial cake.  Mysterious Realms Investigative Team heads over to Jamestown to discover what supernatural forces are at work in this old hotel.

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The first thing I do is go through the interview process.  I interview G.G. Gruel – Webmaster/Events Coordinator/Marketing Manager/Visual Decorator and Lisa Lawmaster – Bartender/Desk Clerk.   This is what I learn from the interviews:

The resident ghost is named Flo aka Flora.   Flo is described as having sandy blonde hair.  She wears her hair up.  She has been seen in a white lace wedding dress.  It is believed that Flo died at the age of 19.  She died of a broken heart when her fiancée was ambushed at the hotel bar and shot while walking down the steps.  People who patronize this hotel say that this hotel has a life of its own.  Flo’s presence is strong in this hotel.

One male patron was a disbeliever of Flo and Flo would not allow the bartender to pour from the drink nozzle.  From the drink nozzle would have came out cranberry juice.  When he finally said he believed in Flo, then the cranberry juice came out from the drink nozzle to make his alcohol drink.

Flo will get frustrated and want to make her presence known.  One night she took a picture from the wall and it hovered in the air for a while, then settled down on the other side of the bar.

Lisa Lawmaster has seen Flo with her peripheral vision peeking from around the doorway at her.

Some male guests make claim that Flo has sat on their chest, or sat on their laps.  One male patron could even feel Flo’s breath on him.

Some mischievous activity are: lights going off and on; footsteps heard in hallway; footsteps heard approaching doors and then stopping; patron’s luggage unpacked by unseen forces; boom boxes turn on by themselves and music plays; there is an argument at the bar and a coffee pot filled with coffee grinds is thrown across the bar.

Room 4 is the coldest room.  There is no explanation why this is the only room that is so cold.  When the Mysterious Realms investigators went into this room, we all felt the coldness.

Shannon’s Interview Discoveries:

Shannon (McCabe) later learns from her own interviews that when Flo is agitated she will throw things around.  Room 11 lights go off and on by themselves.  Guests and employees feel there are 5 entities in this hotel and Bobby Marchesso without knowing this said that there are 5 entities.  The hotel was built in 1859 and employees guess that Flo may have died between 1860 and 1880.  Flo’s fiancée may have been a prominent attorney.  No one can answer why Flo’s fiancée was killed and some say the shooter was intoxicated.

Note: Bobby Marchesso was on the mark on various paranormal events that have been recorded by guests in their hotel room diaries.  Bobby was having dinner with the team and says..”Paul is here”.  Two minutes later, I walk through the door.

Equipment Used:  digital audio recorders, video cameras, EMF Readers, K2 Reader, digital cameras and the Frank’s Box.

Bobby Marchesso brought out what he calls the Frank Box.  It’s a transistor radio connected to two speakers.  When you ask a question, the search mode on the radio will tune into various words, in which the entity can use to talk with.  We got all kinds of answers to various questions.  Voices that said: yes, sure, Steve (many times), Bobby, Paul, poison, etc.  We asked how the entity died and it says poison two times.  The entity says Steve many times and the proprietor is named Stephen Willy.  The entity calls out my name and calls out Bobby’s name.  It’s an interesting tool and I want to continue using it, to better understand the methodology.

We acquired one EVP.  Question asked…”is there anyone here?”  A deep male EVP voice says…”I’m here.”  In one room, the K2 Reader and EMF Reader go crazy in two different areas of the room.  No outlets are causing the unusual spikes.

While taking pictures of the group, I can see a woman entity go across the mirror through my digital camera viewfinder, but when I look up, I cannot see the female entity.  Photographs show designer orbs around Shannon McCabe.

Tonight Chris and I are sharing a room, that room is Room 4, the coldest room in the hotel.   I will follow-up with this investigation in a follow-up article, right now I am heading to bed.  While we had this investigation tonight, the HPI paranormal scouts enjoyed themselves at Natomas Regal Theater.  Lionsgate allowed 30 HPI paranormal scouts the opportunity to watch the premiere of The Haunting in Connecticut.  Three scouts called me tonight, Mark & Rita Reyes and Christina George.  They said the movie is excellent!

Okay, I have to check out this movie as soon as I can.  But tonight, I will sleep at this beautiful old hotel.  I will enjoy the softness of the beds, the comfort of the rooms, the gorgeous antique décor.  I am in paradise and I know I will sleep comfortably, unless Flo wakes me up.  My pallet is satisfied tonight from the excellent cuisine this hotel provides.  If you ever have a chance to visit this landmark hotel, it’s a place you don’t want to miss. For more information about this hotel, stop at their website:

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