by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth,

September 24, 2011, Saturday; Time: 2000 Hours.
The Initial Report from Occupant Nina Lutz:
“We bought our house in May 2009. Although we have never seen or heard anything weird, we got a dog in February 2010. He ‘sees’ something in two spots in our home. We kind of laugh about our ghosts. Recently we watched Insidious with our 9 year old daughter. She liked Saw movies, but this one has had her unable to sleep alone for over two weeks. The thing that got us to write to you is that she consistently wakes up during the three o’clock hour. Not at the same exact time like an alarm is going off, but it’s got us wondering if there is something going on. She cannot explain it. A very spiritual friend thinks it is because of the house. She performed an Indian cleansing ritual and things started looking up. What are your thoughts and is this the kind of thing your company would look into?”

From all indications in our LIVE initial briefing, the entities that may reside in this home, seem to be benevolent, a Casper Haunting. The home was built in the 1950s. The home is absolutely gorgeous, superb decor and the family displays a lot of positive energy. I can’t even imagine this home having anything that may be considered ‘negative’. But, if there is anything that may be borderline dark, we will discover it, I feel confident that nothing can hide from my team.

HPI paranormal investigators roll call: Jesse & Kareen Peevyhouse; Raquel Rodriguez; Becky Cardenas; Deanna Bailey; Julie Lemos; Jon Koyasako; Judy Raderchak; Chantal Apodaca; Regina Tellez.

Occupants/friends that are participating in the investigation: Nina Lutz; Donna Krongard; Selina Wood; Veronica Benham; Ron Beham; Bluto (mixed golden retriever/chocolate lab); Leighla Hernandez; Christina Lutz.

We have three teams. Team Vertigo – Judy Raderchak -Senior Lead Investigator. Her team mates: Jesse, Raquel, Jon, Selina. Team Headache – Chantal Apodaca – Senior Lead Investigator. Her team mates: Kareen, Deanna, Nina, Ron, Regina. Team Manna – Becky Cardenas – Senior Lead Investigator. Her team mates: Leighla, Christina, Julie, Donna, Bluto. We have 3 areas to cover. 1st area: Patio/Backyard. 2nd area: Living room/kitchen office. 3rd area: Back bedrooms. Investigative sessions are for 45 minutes a piece with an evidence briefing after each session.

I will let you know right now, if we get NO EVPs, I am going to deem this place as haunted. I will explain later. Let’s see what the teams found. Team Vertigo: Team members felt unusual energy. They may have an EVP of a whisper, a whisper actually heard audibly by various team members. Many team members when hearing the whisper, their hairs raised up on their arms. Selena felt a Chinese man present. She felt compelled to speak Chinese, but it wouldn’t come out. She could see the Chinese man walk from the washer to the dryer and felt he was responsible in laying down the bricks in the patio. Special Note: Chinese resided in this area for a while, because of the construction of the nearby railroad tracks. Could the Chinese man that Selena saw, be a descendant from these Chinese workers from long ago? The Chinese man that she saw wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Selina also felt the presence of the family’s grandmother. Team Headache: Ron and Chantal saw a white flash with their own eyes (validation of 2 witnesses). Now here is where I talk about why I think this home is haunted. We discovered something of a confidential nature and it will not be discussed in this article. Chantal Apodaca/psychic picked up on it and the family verified what she picked up on, was correct. A lot of emotions followed. Selena through psychometrics, and yes I will call her a psychometrist, touched an object and validated the discovery of Chantal. Selena has never experienced touching an object and getting a reading. I handed her the object and what we witnessed is confidential, but made me an instant believer that this home is truly haunted. Team Manna received no EVPs, one K2 hit, felt cold spot and there was temperature fluxuations. Occupant’s friend saw the light flicker during my evidence briefing and saw a full bodied apparition move from one room to another room. Special Note: There is a lot of emotion to the experiences that we have discovered tonight, so much so that 2 of the investigators had to leave. With respect to the occupants the discovery that we made, will be kept extremely confidential.

Selina Hood explains in her own words:
I was sitting in Christina’s room, her first feeling was to sit in a circle, holding hands with everyone and lighting a white candle. Selina had a strong feeling that Christina should wear a certain person’s t-shirt (I am keeping this generic, since this is where the confidentiality comes in). What really validated Selina’s experiences is that Selina felt a white candle carried some substance to what she was experiencing and Christina had a white candle, that was given to her from that special someone. The white candle was right in Christina’s purse. Selina felt the entity wanted to communicate something to the circle of investigators and that it had to do with a white candle and that it was in a purse. This was shown to be factual, as the white candle was in the purse. Selina felt like this was an attempt to communicate to the group and she felt an immense feeling of love. The entity is a protective spirit that looks over Christina.

Vertigo Team: Maybe captured EVP that says ‘I don’t think so’. Some team members felt heaviness. Selina sees with her own eyes, an orb that streaks across the room. Bluto the dog starts looking up at the ceiling and starts following nothingness. Kareen Peevyhouse becomes a Senior Lead Investigator for Team Headache, because Chantal and Regina had to leave, because of the emotional strain that Chantal was experiencing. Kareen’s group did not get any EVPs, but experienced flashlight communication with the entity. No EVPs were obtained, because of outside noise in the backyard. Flashlight communication was when the question was asked: “Are you Nina’s grandmother?” and the flashlight turns on for a yes. Another question was “are you here to look over the family?” The flashlight turns on for a yes. Many team members witnessed Chantal’s skin turning gray and when this was happening, she was seeing the entity. It caused Chantal to go outside and vomit. Chantal once again proves her psychic abilities, by actually knowing exactly who the entity is and the family confirms it. Then to see Selina display her extreme emotions from merely touching an object that belonged to the entity was unbelievable. Selina never experienced the power of psychometrics, until this evening, she was even reluctant to touch the object, because she didn’t think anything would happen. Her emotions were incredibly real. Team Manna: Julie Lemos felt nauseated, they received some flashlight communication and the K2 meters at one point of time started flashing like crazy. Orb photos taken and other photos that look like light refractions.

When the white candle was lit, a distinct designer orb appears next to the candle. Special Note: Unless you can prove that orbs have intelligent movement, there is no true way to tell from a still photo if an orb is a true spiritual containment field, unless of course it’s a designer orb, that has intricate patterns inside, you enhance the photo of the designer orb and the family member sees the face of their grandmother, validating face recognition in a designer orb. That was an example, it doesn’t have to be a deceased grandmother, but anyone that is deceased and the occupant or client is able to recognize that face as a person that they once knew, but now is deceased.

With the validation of what the psychics (Chantal and Selina) picked up on by the occupants, I would have to say that this home is truly haunted. The accuracy of what Chantal experienced was absolutely amazing and to find out later from the family of this home that everything Chantal was relating was true, my jaw was agape in amazement! Selina later confirms other psychic impressions, such as knowing about the white candle and the location of the white candle being in Christina’s purse. I was very impressed with Chantal and Selina tonight. Of course we may have a couple of EVPs. I don’t deem too many places as haunted, but this one I feel is truly haunted.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe’s Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International

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