So often, animals come into our lives at just the right moment. And if we’re listening, they’ll tell us exactly what they need.  I came upon this wonderful story in my files today while looking for some useful information to share with you on animal communications.  Sorry, I can’t tell you who submitted it….

It all began before September 11, about two to three weeks.  I was driving an amazing distance to my darling chiropractor when, in the middle of nowhere, I saw a puppy about 5-6 months old laying in the street, as if waiting.  When I drove by he got up as if to say, “You’ve come!  Hurray!”  As I drove off he looked like, “Hey, where ya’ goin’?”  I felt angry the owner could be so careless as to let him out unsupervised, then looked around and realized there was no owner for miles and miles around.  I stopped around a corner.  I called.  He bounded up and I could see he was very, very skinny and ill kept.  I let out my two dogs to see if they would get along.  They did, so I took him with me.  As soon as I loaded them all in, not one but two fully loaded log trucks came zinging by.  Had I not, I felt strongly he would’ve been run over.  I kept him for 10 days before I knew who would need him.  When I saw his “new” owner, she wanted him immediately.  I relented, not wanting to part, but knowing it was necessary.

She loved the dog.  Her boyfriend wasn’t as pleased.  One day, within a week, the dog disappeared.  He told me in a dream that he was outta here.  I didn’t know what it meant.  I called her, she then let me know.  I still felt like the true owner of the dog, and immediately posted up signs all over their neighborhood.  The next day they were torn down.  I put new ones out.  They were torn down as well.  We both expected the worst from the boyfriend.  He denied any wrongdoing.  I persisted and agonized over it all.  Finally the call came, the dog had been found.

September 11, when I entered the property of the people who had found the dog, only blocks from where he used to be, I was struck by the love showing everywhere.  New house, plants everywhere, water dishes for animals in several places.  Clean, dollhouse-like, cozy, outside-enjoyment evident.  Good feelings.  A door opened and out he bounded, licking me so much he licked my shirt apart and I had to button it again!  The couple recognized the dog knew and loved me.  Their faces, strangely, showed pained happiness.  I was invited in.

On the TV was the news broadcasts of the September 11 tragedy.  I averted my eyes from it, choosing not to experience the fear-pushing our society indulges in.  We talked of the dog, how I had found him, and his characteristics.  They were unexplainedly happy to hear this story because they wanted very badly to keep him, for they both loved him already, and they were wondering if the “true owner” was bonded to the dog and horribly missing him.  They couldn’t keep that kind of relationship apart, no matter how much they loved the dog.  They felt they had to respond to the poster on these grounds, and they did so with dread.  With dread?!  I noticed how they didn’t mind him jumping upon the couch to ascertain I was settled and happy.  They remarked on his joy of sliding across the hardwood floors, and knocking the table askew.  They looked so adoringly upon him as he did it yet again, that I was taken by surprise.  Not many people would be happy with that behavior, and I could not allow such behavior indoors myself.  These people were refined, intelligent, she was a gifted artist.  I was ready though, to take the dog back forever, never letting him outside my love again.  I mentioned how he needed training, and they astounded me by demonstrating how he obeys everything the man of the house desired.  I saw, felt, and knew, these people not only wanted him, had the ideal place for him, had the time and temperament for him, had even playmates for him (he was a large dog, and he lovingly played with their small poodley-type dogs), but they even could meet his needs far better than I would (no dog sleeps in MY bed, yet he was used to sleeping with someone, I learned from keeping him those ten days, and in addition, he craved a special bonding closer than my two dogs would allow).  I asked the dog, in my way, what he thought.  He “told” me clearly he would be overjoyed to live here, and that he would watch over her.  Yes, but will you be happy to STAY?  He gave me the image of laying by her side when he was old and grey.  I finally agreed he belonged with them.  It was obvious.  Way obvious.  The lady of the house was practically crying with joy!  I knew he would receive the love he deserved.

On my way to my car, she came after me and urged me to listen…she wanted me to know…about two years ago she decided she wanted to soon have a large dog.  She knew somehow, some way the right dog would come.  Her daughter, at 24 years old, had been murdered five years ago.  This week was the conclusion of the trial of the murderer, and he would suffer the ultimate penance the law could provide.  She had suffered horribly reliving everything during the trial.  She had prayed and prayed for guidance if it was the right thing to put that man to his penance.  She had no desire to have another suffer, on top of her own suffering.  She talked to her daughter in spirit, receiving good news.  She asked, with all her heart, for her daughter to please send her a sign that all the good news was indeed true.  That same day, the dog showed up.  She knew he was the sign.

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