Preparing for and Closing a Psychic Reading

Working with your psychic self requires some preparation. Whether you are tuning into yourself or reading for someone else, it is essential that you take a moment to clear and ground yourself before you start – and then again when you are finished.

It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting down to do a formal reading, or if you just need to suss out the energy in a meeting room before you enter, taking a moment to clear your space, to notice and release what’s in your mind and heart makes it a lot easier to focus and see/hear/feel what is really happening around – and ahead of – you.

We must set aside the day’s business in order to be able to give or get an objective reading. Clearing is about getting rid of the inner chatter, the energetic clutter that interferes with our ability to see or to listen fully… we need to be clear of others’ thoughts and feelings, as well as our own, to be noticing of our judgments and opinions, the worries and fears that we unconsciously carry with us.

Without clearing, a psychic is apt to get lost in the forest and lose sight of the path through the trees… in other words, energies are overlaid, channels are warped, messages are confused, and it becomes difficult to get an accurate fix on where you or the person you are reading for is going… Clearing enables our objective Third Eye to kick into gear, to give us the bigger picture and help us tune into the subtle energies at work in a given situation.

Grounding and clearing go hand in hand… grounding is about planting your feet firmly on the ground in present time, being real, aware of the practical considerations, as well as the benefits and consequences of our own as well as others’ actions… grounding is about common sense, recognizing what is possible, given the current circumstances… and it is also about being able to laugh at ourselves, to see the value and purpose in our “mistakes”… grounding is about real spiritual growth, that willingness to compassionate understanding even in the most difficult of circumstances…. being grounded makes it possible for a psychic to as easily read for kings as for beggars.

There are many ways of clearing and grounding…In addition to meditation, and other forms of energy and breath work, I urge folks to take a walk on the beach, wash the dishes, take out their garbage with “intent” – intent to clear and ground, to be alert and aware. The letter following and my response offers more ideas for clearing.

I always pray before going into a yoga class or working on a client.  I ask for my guides and angels to be with me to guide and protect me and to ensure that all takes places is in the highest good.  My girlfriend was a wiccan, and told me that I had to close the session to be complete.  So I’ve been asking to be cleansed of others’ energy, and that my scattered energy be collected by my angels and return to me fresh and renewed.  Do you feel that she is right and that this process will help if I consistently use it?   Thank you Patti

Yes, this process can be effective, especially when you are consistent…Most psychics will say a private prayer before they start and when they are finished. I also go to the bathroom and then wash my hands before and after a reading – with intent to clear – and this too, is very effective…

Anyone doing psychic, spirit or healing work must be willing to take some time for daily inner work in order to stay clear and grounded… it is very difficult to speak with me between 5 and 8 most days… years ago I saw that time as my low cycle in a day and decided to use it for my clearing and grounding time. Before I prepare our evening meal, I withdraw to my bedroom for breath-work and meditation. This is my time to reconnect with myself, to notice whatever energy is influencing me that day… the process always lowers my blood pressure, grounds me out and reenergizes me…. it’s a way of shifting gears and getting clear of anything that has distracted me during the day so I can refocus on what’s important during my evening work in the office.  And the insights that come as I clear and reconnect are always useful…

It is important to build grounding tasks into your daily schedule… for example I usually start my day by cleaning the kitchen, taking a quick run through my home – and in summer my garden – to pick up, see what’s up, notice what’s been left around, what needs attention. I work with the seasons… in summers I use at least one afternoon a week to tend to my garden, or to pick berries and make jams or preserves, in winters I knit, cook hearty stews and take my mom out for afternoon tea… these tasks keep me connected with the natural rhythms and cycles of life and they also make it possible for me to be more productive when I sit at the computer, more accurate when I work with a client…still, even with ongoing inner work, there are times when I must tell a client, “sorry, not today, I would be of no use to you right now” – times when I must simply shut down and give myself a chance to recharge.

Once you get into energy work, whether as a psychic, medium, or energy worker, there are lifestyle changes necessary to accommodate and sustain the energy flows…  I am not talking about any kind of perfection here – I still smoke, eat meat and enjoy a glass of wine occasionally – all of which contribute in one way or another to my staying clear and grounded, real… Clearing and grounding are about becoming balanced and more noticing and affirming, respectful, not only of yourself, but also of your work, whether as a psychic a bus driver, a banker, a teacher, a doctor, or an entrepreneur… clearing and grounding are the balancing tasks that keep us on point – they enable us connect with our power by bringing us into the present and focussing us on the current priorities..

Clutter-free, in touch with what is, you will easily complete whatever task is at hand today… and thus set the stage to be able to attract more of what you want tomorrow.

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