2012 is still almost 4 years away, but folks are already anxious. So many fear that it could be the end of times – but then, folks thought Y2K might be the end of times… You get my point.

Countless prophets – ancient and modern – have pointed to this as a transformative time in our history. For thousands of years we have been told that this is a dangerous time, that we must be alert, careful, and loving. The ending in 2012 of the ancient Mayan calendar provides a focal point for the transformation, (one of many that we have attached ourselves to over the centuries). What with the news of global warming, it is no wonder then, that so many are looking ahead to 2012 with some anxiety.

And, there is probably some reason to be a little concerned at this time, to feel drawn to take some action, to be prepared for “something”….

However, I don’t think that action is about preparing for disaster, getting ready to run for the hills – although some may need to; nor do I believe that “something” to be prepared for is about death and destruction – although some may die.

I feel that “2012” is already with us. The process of change, the shift in consciousness – and in the poles – has been evident for many years.  This is it… whatever is to happen in 2012 is already happening. The action that is required is very personal – to be as loving and responsive as we can in this time. To work through and past our fears, to face the consequences of our actions, to be one of the many working to bring healing, light and love to the planet…

It is up to us… we can collapse in fear around what might happen, or we can awaken to our power to create, and then rise to the challenge of creating positive change.

2012 does not mark the end of the world, but it may mark the end of the world as we know it…. while I can’t overrule the possibility of our being hit by an asteroid, or caught in a massive pole shift, I am more inclined to believe that 2012 could see a time of tremendous renewal and rejuvenation on the planet… this could be a time when some incredible new invention, an exciting new technology explodes onto the planet to change the way we live.  It could be the beginning of a Golden Age.

A new world is opening up to us as the earth shakes, rattles and rolls to shift its position – a reflection of the shift in attitudes and beliefs of those who populate it. We are breaking new ground in this cycle – and so the volcanic action in the Pacific is creating new lands. We are letting go of old beliefs – and so some lands are sinking. We are evolving and growing as a species – and so some are leaving this plane. As the book Cycles, explains, this is all a natural cycle of changes that has been with us from the beginning of time.

Yes, the world is changing, and the living Gaia, planet Earth changes with us.. and yes, the world is ending, the world as we have known it… but life goes on, and so do we.

One of Many in Fear….

Is the world really gonna end in 2012? I’m scared!  Personally I believe the world will end sometime after 3000 AD.  This could  be 5 years, 10 years, 30 years, 40’s, hundreds, thousands or millions of years after 3000 –  and why can’t people decide how the  world will end?  Angel

Time for Fearlessness…

You are not alone in worrying about when the world will end, but think of it this way; if the entire Universe ended tomorrow for everyone, would you live your life any differently today? I know, it’s a tall order to consider – it’s too big a thing to think about. Being afraid of it helps no one, so concentrate on eliminating fear from your life first. This way – by eliminating fear – the future can look like any way you want it to.

So many people are concerned about what 2012 will mean for humanity, but as far as I know, the only thing about that number is that a vanished civilization (the Mayans) had a calendar that said time would end on that day, December 21, 2012. Speculation has ranged from the polite to the blatantly absurd. It’s no wonder everyone is confused.

Regardless of what anyone says, no one knows for sure, but I’d wager that the entire Universe won’t end in 2012, and we’ll all be lining up to buy 2013 calendars. Planning for the end doesn’t work either, otherwise when the end doesn’t happen, we’ll all be looking for excuses to prematurely make the end times happen, instead of working toward making the future look the way we want it to. Peace, Phil the astrologer

Personally I believe that in 2012 the world will change as we know it but I think it will be a gradual thing. I believe that the energy will be moving at a higher vibration which will cause certain people to leave earth but not from a huge disaster just to pass over. As we are all made of energy and energy can’t be destroyed, then we really don’t go far. Fear causes some to be scared but all we are doing is creating more fear as our thoughts  go into the atmosphere at that vibration.

Be a trailblazer and don’t let fear get the better of you. Don’t miss today because of your fear of tomorrow. My answer to people who try to bring me into their fear based lives by saying the world is ending is “well, I’ll see you on the other side then”. Sharon

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  1. Me personal thinks that people should STOP pitting things like this on the computer.Simply because no one nows when the world is acualy gona end .No man know the time nor the date .Thats just a prediction.Therefor you all need to stop worring about tryin to figure out when the world is gona end and be tring to get your life together before your time comes to and end.
    If you belive in God you should not be worried , stressed out ,and what ever else you may be doing . So get your life in order cause he’s comming and no one knows when.

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