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How many millions have you won this week?

I must be a billionaire at least three times over with all that I’ve won just by having an email address! Just this week I won another $968M Euro! Awesome, I just sit at my desk and wait to be notified of the most recent winnings… If only it were that easy!  Anyone with any common sense would recognize these offers as bogus. But we can be so desperate, so needy, that we can’t help but hope – maybe this one is for real? After all these years, the wasted effort, the millions of phishing emails, and all the publicity and light shed on these scams, folks still fall for them. Just recently, a client paid for a financial reading, asking when the large sum of money she had been inherited would finally come through.

There were a few warning signs in the way she asked her question, so I wasn’t surprised when the reading clearly indicated that she had been lied to, there was no inheritance coming.  When I responded, I asked for more information about how it was that she had come into this money. “I received an email from a lawyer…. who told me that a distant relative had died, and that he represented this Nigerian Law Firm which had been searching for me.” I asked her to google the man’s name and Nigerian scams before we talked any further. She soon wrote back, terribly disappointed, in herself, and in the fact that she was in serious trouble financially, had counted on being rescued soon… Sad to say, there was to be no rescue here, the rescue would have to come from within.

So, instead of telling her when her financial inheritance would come, I told her where she could find her true inheritance – her abilty to change, to change the way she was thinking and feeling and thus to change her circumstances and her world. She was trapped in a victim consciousness, thus the expectation of rescue. It would take a deep shift from within, a new belief system, a new commitment to herself and her power in order for her to recover her financial security – and integrity.

The message of 2010

This is the message, ultimately, of 2010: to commit from within to seeking our true inheritance, to recovering our power, to working in harmony with others, so that every person on the planet is secure, comfortable, healthy, and personally empowered and committed to being their authentic selves, .

It all begins with you, and your commitment to positive change.  So what is it you want to change in you this year? Do you want to be able to attract a better job, more money, a partner, a new  home, – what is it you really want? When I looked at what I wanted to change this year, I saw quickly that I could change a whole lot of things by committing to being more productive.  Over the past year, I – like so many others – have allowed myself to be distracted by worries and frustration.  So, for me, being more productive means setting these negative feelings aside in order to focus on getting things done – and also to refocus my energy on loving thoughts and feelings and actions… already, I can see the changes manifesting in the very ways I intended as I have followed through on my commitment these first few days of the year.

Notice that I use the word commitment as opposed to promise… I have observed over the years that making promises for a lot of people is very much like telling someone you’re sorry…  easy words to say in the moment, but often lacking follow through. Commitment, however, implies a follow through, when you commit to something, you can almost feel the shift in your body, that click of something falling into its right place implies that the act has already taken place, a change of attitude has already occurred. It is simply a matter of time before the change manifests in the physical world.

Notice also that I am asking what you want to change in you, and suggesting what may seem like quite mundane – certainly not spiritual changes – like wanting to make more money or to have a better job. You might wonder at my apparently encouraging you to be selfish, even materialistic, especially in the face of the enormous challenges economically, politically and environmentally that we are facing around the globe as we enter 2010.

There is great purpose in focusing on our individual needs and wants at this time:

when we are satisfied with a basic level of physical security, it is a whole lot easier to take time to focus on our spiritual needs – and to be willing to reach out to help others.
in learning to attract what we need and want, we are pushed to make other good changes within ourselves, changes that draw us closer to our authentic selves… for example, I want to generate more revenue this year, to make some major repairs around our home – we are desperate for a new roof – and I also want to have more of a social life in 2010.  When I looked at those three physical/material goals, I saw that I could accomplish all three with one simple commitment: to be more productive, which led of course to other deeper changes in attitude and behavior.
Positive changes within one individual ripple out to create positive changes in all around us… one change leads to another, so what we do for ourselves, thoughtfully, lovingly, to make ourselves better, ultimately makes our world better.

So make 2010 the year you commit to yourself, to making one simple positive change in your life that will ripple through your life – and all of life on the planet.  Commit as I did, to being more productive, or more conserving, or to clearing clutter, to simplifying, or to be more loving in your thoughts and actions, or to be more mindful, thoughtful before you speak or act… keep your commitment simple, positive and loving, then acknowledge your personal commitment with follow through, one step at a time.

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