2008…Numerically speaking the 8 can represent health issues as well as the color of dark blue among other things. For those reasons I’m looking for these elements to be highlighted this year.

First is the health issue. It would not be a surprised to see the long anticipated “Bird Flu” come around this year in such a way that populations are asked to take immunization tactics to stave off the effects. I have taken an astrological look and comparison to the epidemic of 1918 (note the 8 in the year) and believe that we will not face an epidemic. It seems that the World Health Organization will facilitate what is needed to stop the flu in its tracks. One problem that may come of it is the wholesale slaughter of chickens and the resulting loss of eggs which provide an essential source of nutrition to children for healthy eyes & vision.

The other way I expect the 8 in 2008 to work itself out is via Cobalt. Being represented by a rich dark blue known as cobalt

blue, I am looking for cobalt shortage to appear in the market and prices to increase significantly in ’08.

Gold, silver and platinum will also continue to rise in price as well as the U.S. Dollar continues its decline on the world currencies

market in ’08.

Also on the economic front, I expect that the markets will hold off major losses for the year. Sub-prime problems and credit crunches will be held at bay by Federal Reserve rate cuts through 2008. Just what out for early ’09 as the Reserves begins to implode, taking the markets down with it.

Numerically speaking, the next hurricane that has its name retired will be blamed for a great loss of life. To explain: The National Weather Service here in the U.S. ‘retires’ the names of hurricanes that cause great death and/or destruction. So far sixty-seven names have been retired with “Katrina” being the most recent. That means that the next hurricane name to be retired will be the sixty-eighth. That number, 68, can among other meanings represent a great loss of life in this particular case. I’ve not had time to go over the charts of major cities along the lower East Coast area of the U.S. to find a possible candidate area, but if I do I’ll let you know…This may not happen in ’08, it’s just that it’s numerically waiting to happen some day.

Of course we also have the potential for major change in the office of the U.S. President this year as well. Outlined in the article I sent you, it still appears numerically and astrologically that President Bush will deal with an assassin’s attempts next fall. On that note, I ask you and all you know to pray for President Bush’s heath and well being this coming year. It’s my opinion, and I believe that of most Americans, that we should resolve political issues with ballots, not bullets.

That’s about it…Best wishes throughout the coming year! Randy

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  1. I prefere to analyse the numebr 2008 as a 10 (2+0+0+8)…because it is the whole date.
    8 would be 2006 for me.

    But they are just different types of seeing the same truth.

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