First encounters with spirit are often scary and completely unexpected. Ghosts and other discarnate entities will respond to our fear – some deliberately want to scare us so we’ll move away from what they believe is their territory, others are simply stuck and will appreciate your assistance in crossing over.  What is important to understand in any connections with spirit is that you’re the one with the body – which means you have control over the encounter – once you get past your fear.

A spontaneous contact with spirit opens the door to future contacts – and is a good reason to learn about spirit communications, so you know how to react fearlessly when you meet up with a real ghost. To manage these contacts safely, we must learn to prepare – and protect – ourselves. Otherwise, we are liable to freak out, as our visitor Kae has in her note here:

My 14yr old daughter is being disturbed with blood curdling screams and voices while she is in the shower and at home alone. For years she has awoken to 2 people standing at the foot of her bed. plz help! she and I are both freaked out. Kae

Your daughter is a natural channel, that is why she can see and hear these things when she is alone and not distracted.

First thing she needs to do is learn to shield herself so that she isn’t ‘bothered’ by energies unless she is prepared to work with them.

One of the simplest ways that I have found to do this is as follows:

This exercise should be done daily, either when you go to bed or when get up, or as part of your daily psychic exercises.

Put yourself into a comfortable position and begin by Clearing and Releasing.

Visualize a ball of white light floating above you. Focus on the energy of the ball -know that it is full of love and strength and peace. Try hard to FEEL these qualities in the energy of the ball.

Now let the energy from the ball of light begin to flow down into you. The energy is a beautiful, clear white light. No matter how much light comes into you, the ball will remain equally strong for its true origin is the Mother/Creator and it is a source of boundless spiritual energy.

Let the energy from the ball pour into you and flow throughout your body.
Let it move out into your arms and legs, down into your fingers and toes.

Now let that light expand beyond your body. At first see the light expand just an inch out from your body. Now let it expand a little more -two inches, four inches… Let the light expand to form an oval around your whole body –an oval filled with clear, beautiful, loving white light from the Creator.

Now let that oval of white light expand to form a perfect circle of energy around you, expanding until it is about six feet across.

Now, in your mind affirm this:

“There is one power in the Universe, and I am a perfect manifestation of that power. As such I will that the boundaries of my aura shall be strong and healthy, repelling all unwanted energy while remaining open to positive and healing energy. Safe within these boundaries nothing can harm me, for I am filled with the strength of the Creator. By my will, so mote it be -and it is so.”

Now let the visual image of the light dissipate, but know that its protection and strength remain with you.

Now clear and release all excess energy.

This should help your daughter to stop the energies around her from interfering with her day to day life.
You might also look into cleansing/smudging the house to remove the excess energies that are being used to fuel these occurrences.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance in helping your daughter, and you, with this! Namaste and Love,

Kae, I want to add a note about fear – duaghter is open to hearing the screams because she is afraid… a very important lesson I feel for your daughter is to take her power back, to actively react to the sounds by demanding that they stop, demanding that her guides and angels intervene and support her… she needs
to believe that she has the power to stop them herself… she is feeling victimized by these voices, so you need to help her believe she is not a victim, but has some control over the energies around her… I urge you to read some of the works of mediums like Craig Hamilton-Parker and James Von Praagh to get a better understanding of what is happening and what you can do about it. You might also find that putting a large chunk of raw amethyst near the head of her bed brings some peace… I suggest she say a protective prayer every night before she goes to bed… Your daughter is a natural medium which means that these things will probably keep happening to her until she figures out how to control them and as Kimbah suggests, to shield herself.  Hope that helps a little, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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